Amaury Ramirez

Lead Tattoo Artist

AMAURY RAMIREZ was born and raised in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Always passionate in every aspect of art, Amaury started to pursuit his passion after High School as a Graphic Designer. Going from Editorial Design (Newspaper, Magazine, Books & more) to designing for Advertising Agencies, this always kept his passion for drawing alive but tattooing was his true calling.
In 2004, Amaury, moved from his country of origin to Florida to focus on making a career out of tattooing and drawing. Making a living & earning his stripes over the years as a Tattoo Artist at numerous well known studios helped him develop his craft as the NOW Founder and Lead Artist of Bad Habits Tattooing Studio in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In sunny south Florida, Bad Habits Tattooing Studio is a creative space for artists to focus on their growth and self-motivated ideas. Reflecting the ideals Amaury believes is needed to cultivate an environment that provides customers with a positive service experience.

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