Popular Animal Tattoos for Guys - Ideas and Motifs

Getting a tattoo means you’re going to engrave something meaningful deep into your skin, permanently. Therefore, it’s not something you want to casually disregard as just another decision in your life. Instead, you should thoroughly think it through until you come up with some ideas.

Once you have a general idea of what you want, then it’s time to dive in and explore the subject even more. There are plenty of tattoo ideas for guys out there, but that doesn’t mean every single one is a good decision.

In case you’ve decided to opt for animal tattoos, there are countless designs that could turn your skin into a canvas full of marvelous motifs. Given that there are hundreds of animal tattoos you can engrave into your skin, finding the one that suits your character and personality the most is far from being easy.

We’ve covered some of the most popular animal tattoos for guys so that you can get a better insight into the ideas and symbolism behind certain animals. Take a moment and check out our short synopsis, it may come in handy, especially if you’re struggling to decide which animal to choose.

The Most Popular Animal Tattoos


A lion represents courage, strength, and readiness to protect your loved ones. Terrifying roars and flesh-ripping canines made this animal the king of the jungle, thus feared and respected by many. If you’re looking to express your devotion to your loved ones or are perhaps planning on displaying your courage through a tattoo – engraving a fearsome roaring lion on your chest might be a good starting point.

lion tattoo


Wolves are known for their loyalty, destructive behavior, and greed. Many people see wolves as a tougher version of dogs. The Japanese culture even has shrines dedicated to wolves to protect one’s crops from other wild animals. In Roman mythology, wolves are used as a symbol of greed and destruction. If you want your tattoo to represent how courageous and alpha you are – consider getting a nice wolf tattoo.


Bears are known for being incredibly devoted to protecting their own cubs, and as such are a symbol of protection, spirituality, and intelligence. They also represent courage and readiness to face upcoming challenges swiftly and with a hard punch. If you’re looking to send a message of toughness, strength, and resilience, a tattoo of a nervous Grizzly roaming, with her cubs in a wooded area, would be a pretty accurate representation.


A tiger is a symbol of strength, elegance, and fortitude across many cultures. It shares the title of being the most popular animal in the Chinese culture, with the Chinese dragon as its main rival. It symbolizes a fair fight coupled with fearlessness and courage. The best thing about this style is that it comes in a variety of designs to choose from.


Foxes are very wise and cunning creatures. Life is full of unforeseen obstacles that can, and will, bring you down if you don’t show wisdom, and the ability to cope with tough situations. Whatever predicament you fall victim to will be much easier to solve if you constantly keep getting reminded to use your wisdom and sharpness, just like a fox.

The American eagle

Nothing says Power and Beauty more than a massive American eagle across your chest. This bird symbolizes purity and freedom which are some of the essential elements for success in life. It’s also a powerful sign of patriotism, in case you’re from the United States.  

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