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Your first tattoo could be a somewhat difficult decision, as there are many doubts about how to choose the right tattoo artist. But these doubts have been overcome and with your first tattoo ready and as you wanted it, with perfect colors and with those edges that you loved so much, the second and most important part of it comes, the care and protection of that new tattoo.

So how should I take care of my new tattoo?

Next we will show you 5 steps which are the steps and care so that you can wear a tattoo for many years and avoid bad times in that work of art embodied in your skin.

Sunlight: some of the most important aspects when it comes to take care of our tattoos have to do with sunlight, since we usually want to exhibit them and it is not for less, but we must take care that the light of the sun does not ruin your tattoo when it is still healing.

  1. Cleaning the New Tattoo: going to the pool or the beach may not be the best idea, this is because we must keep the area clean and dry until the tattoo and the skin are properly cured, this will avoid bad times, remember that the Tattoo is a long term brand.
  2. Care: touching the tattoo during this period can be a temptation as scabs begin to form on the surface of the tattoo, this can cause us to touch it without realizing it.
  3. Patience: patience may not be the greatest of your virtues, but in this case you should exercise it, do not forget that it is in the long term something that will be with you so do not ruin it.

Creams: it is vital to moisturize but with some type of cream or ointment that keeps the skin in good condition, but always consult with your tattoo artist about the best options.


Remember that these tips can make your process more bearable when caring for your new tattoo and as we mentioned before you must be patient, it is important to wear light clothing that does not adhere to the skin, this so that you do not mistreat the newly tattooed skin.

And above all, if you have any problem with your new tattoo, do not hesitate to contact your tattoo shop, they will give you all the assistance and advice.


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