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Going to the supermarket seems not to be a very complicated issue as we see many ads that tell us what product we should buy through advertising on TV, radio and internet ads. A tattoo is not the exception to the rule because we have many options although perhaps not so much publicity.

And just as in the supermarket we can find good products, we can also find very bad ones, and in a special place those that are simply great, that leave you speechless when you see them.

A great artist lasts time maturing his career and developing a style that not only makes him a great tattoo artist, but also that he puts part of himself in each work.

“A great tattoo artist is forged over time”

In this exciting world of tattoo we will find artists that will simply make your mind travel through art, but we could also find people who should not be allowed to be called “tattooists”, because this distinction should only be for a select group of this noble job.


Avoiding Bad Practices

Many people are taking advantage of the growth of artistic expression of the tattoo to ride the wave “but not everyone who climbs the board is a good surfer”, that said, you need to know first the trajectory of the tattoo artist and even know with what current Within the tattoo this artist identifies himself.

 “Remember that the artistic expression and experience of the tattoo artist will be with you permanently”

 We must be clear, first that a tattoo is a gift that you make to yourself and you will always have that first sensation of seeing it as you dreamed it, second a bad practice can not only ruin your desired tattoo but also that it can become somewhat uncomfortable before others.


So Where do I find my Tattooist?

 After all the above said it would seem that finding a tattoo artist is a complicated thing that could cause uncertainty, but a great idea would be word of mouth, to know where other people have been tattooed, based on the quality that we can appreciate in the work done.

Another important point would be to search the reviews of the tattoo sites within the web, Google provides good ranking of the tattoo sites based on the opinions of the users and the degree of satisfaction of them.

The specialized magazines and blogs can also offer opinions on different tattoo shops where there are very good artists but are not famous, “Remember, quality is not necessarily synonymous with fame.”

Instagram, pinterest, facebook and specialized sites are places for many artists to share their work, it is a good opportunity to be encouraged to explore each of them and see how you identify with what you really want.

Attending fairs and events dedicated exclusively to the world of tattooing could expand your horizons regarding the subject of the tattoo and its different types of expressions.

And finally, a tattoo is a great decision and should not be taken lightly, so it is not what you see in the first instance, but what identifies you as a person what should be tattooed on you, remember that the tattoo is an extension of the tattoo artist in you, but that same tattoo is a story that says something about yourself.


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