How to Keep Your Tattoo from Fading

While the thought of tattoos being permanent isn’t wrong, it’s wrong to think they will look the same as before, when time takes its toll. Many people fall victim to tattoo fading because they either aren’t aware of it or they don’t know how to prevent tattoo fading. Whatever the case may be, the outcome is always the same – your tattoo will fade if you don’t take care of things before, during, and after the tattooing session itself.

More often than not, you will get a lot of advice and instructions from your tattoo artist on how to properly maintain your new piece in good condition. However, you shouldn’t rely solely on their words, but instead, put some time into research yourself, in order to get the most accurate representation of both the timeline and things you can do in order to prevent or minimize fading.

We have covered some of the basic and most popular ways on how to keep your tattoo from fading so that you don’t have to spend hours researching the same subject. Take a moment and check out some of these instructions because they will definitely help you, and make the maintenance routine much more comfortable to cope with.

Pre-Tattoo Care and Important Decisions

The first decision you will have to deal with is the location of your new tattoo. In other words, make sure you understand the fact that skin behaves differently depending on the amount of exposure to outside influences, thickness, type of ink used, and more.

  • Color Vs. Black & Gray

Black & Gray tattoos are denser than color pieces and are thus much more resilient to outside influences. In contrast, bright colors such as pink, lime, and yellow tend to fade much faster. On the other hand, darker colors such as deep blue tend to be more fade-resistant in comparison to bright ones.

If your goal is strictly longevity, color tattoos might not be the best choice. They are a good choice, but only if you’re willing to undergo frequent touchups to keep the colors as vibrant and intense as they were the first day.

Color Vs. Black & Gray tattoo

  • Tattoo Ink Quality

The ink quality is essential for the longevity of your tattoo. The majority of people who haven’t gotten a tattoo yet aren’t aware of this, and consequently, they end up with a marvelous piece that fades constantly for years until it becomes a mere silhouette of the original.

However, you shouldn’t worry too much about this, because we, at Bad Habits Tattoos, use only the top-quality ink sourced from reputable companies.

The Aftercare

Once you come up with a good idea and transfer it onto your skin, it’s time to take care of it properly, or else you might wake up one morning, look at your skin, and ask yourself – why is my tattoo fading?

To prevent that from happening you should keep in mind the following:

  • Keep your new tattoo away from direct sunlight. UV rays are extremely detrimental for new tattoos.
  • Do not scratch your new tattoo! This is one of the most common mistakes people make, and it can turn into a severe predicament fairly quickly.
  • Avoid wearing tight clothes during the first several weeks. Let your new piece breathe.
  • It’s essential to keep the tattooed area perfectly clean and moisturized during the healing period.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind

The idea behind tattoo fading isn’t to discourage you from getting one, but rather to help you get familiar with the do’s and don’ts. As long as you take good care of your new masterpiece, everything should be fine. You can expect to see a bit of fading regardless of how dedicated you are to maintenance, but it’s something that can be easily fixed with a short touchup session.

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