The tattoo was an ancient tradition that belonged to a few people, but today it has become very popular and has led many tattoo artists to provide their services to a hungry audience of innovative artists.

Unfortunately, not everything you dream comes true and in many cases a tattoo with poor quality, a name that is no longer of our desire in our body, or even poor care by the user can lead to the decision of removing that unwanted tattoo.


Choosing the Best Tattoo Technology

Then what technology would be appropriated to remove that unwanted tattoo?

Next we will make a recount of the most advanced new technologies regarding the tattoo world:

There are two technologies that are the best known in the market for tattoo removal and are the Q-Switch, Picosecond and Q-Switched ND: Yag laser, of each of these we will analyze their functions, strengths and weaknesses.



Q-Switch Laser

Q-Switch is the first of the lasers developed for tattoo removal, this uses a system based on pressure waves measured in nanoseconds. This removal system is focused on a beam of energy that acts on the tattoo to destroy the ink.

This system applies energy in a controlled manner during a period of nanoseconds (one billionth of a second), with all this energy it is possible to obtain a large amount of heat being very effective in colors such as blue and black, but not so much in other colors , having the weakness that must be used very carefully so that it does not mistreat the skin when burning.

Picosecond Laser

This is a more modern option to eliminate tattoos and it is different to Q-Switch, the picosecond laser is based on pressure waves. 

This picosecond technology can even be used by a less experienced person because it has a lower risk of burning  possibilities because it is more modern and regulated than the Q-Switch and does not cause an alteration of pigments being more effective in all ranges of colors and offers faster and more efficient tattoo removal.

Q-Switched Nd: YAG laser

It is very common that when removing a tattoo, people do not want to maintain long sessions, this because they do not have time, in addition they do not want to handle burns that consequently would cause skin imperfections.

 The Q-Switched ND: Yag laser is a modern alternative, but besides effective,  it has the duality of the best removal systems mentioned above, being the most effective way in the fast and safe removal at present.

This system of two wavelengths makes it the most reliable system to eliminate tattoos with 532 nm and 1064 nm, these wavelengths each focuses on a group of specific inks for a tattoo removal in its totality and in less time , this allows greater care of the different skin types regardless of their sensitivity and leaving the environments intact.

The Best Decision:

Each of these technologies has strengths and weaknesses depending on the glass with which you see, and it is the choice of each person, depending of which one you are going to use, but the first thing before being submitted to a  tattoo removal, is to ask the tattoo professional for an explanation before performing the process.

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