In the world of tattoo there are two very marked types of artists, some who received formal training as tattoo artists and others who empirically managed to forge their career.

A tattoo artist without professional training can possess all the tools to function successfully in the world of tattooing, but he will rarely be focused on details, such as correctly sterilizing the utensils, developing a refined portfolio, and so on. In general, he is not very worried about having a tattoo shop aimed at meeting the needs of the general public, but that it is handled informally.

On the other hand we have the professionally trained tattoo artist, who is endowed with the care of details, also who has a broad knowledge of the tattoo world in general, which implies a correct sterilization of the utensils, always oriented not to be a lone wolf, but has clear growth goals of an organized tattoo shop oriented not only to the tattoo, but to the creation of a rewarding experience for users upon entering their store.

But what should I look for in the portfolio?

There is no second chance for a good first impression !!!

The first thing to identify is, with what style or styles the tattoo artist identifies, since that will be his philosophical base when it comes to tattooing, having clear that it is not only the style but also, how well the style is executed.

Another important point is to see how the technique of tattooing dominates in general with respect to the world of tattooing, since this will guarantee us a refined product with a long life in our skin.

You should pay close attention to what products and technologies the tattoo artist is oriented, because the more focused on new technologies the tattoo artist is familiar, the greater guarantee we will have of not suffering skin lesions or problems due to bad practice.

We must understand what is the work methodology, sessions, tattoo care and recommendations that only a professional can project based on his experience.

An important point is to know what experience the tattoo artist has in the world of tattooing, also to be clear where he made his specialization and what awards or recognitions he could obtain over time, as this will guarantee us a good experience when it comes to obtaining a quality tattoo.

And remember that you are also responsible for correctly choosing the right tattoo artist to create a work of art on your skin and both have your share of responsibility, so choose well.





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