Wolf Tattoos Designs and Styles For Men

There are countless animals out there that are used as motifs for tattoos. However, wolves seem to attract a lot of attention and are, consequently, quite popular in today’s world. Whether you’re looking to express leadership, fearlessness, or a strong survival instinct – getting a wolf tattoo might be a good choice.

Wolves symbolize a lot of different things, but the most frequently referred symbolism has to do with courage, alpha leadership, sharpness, and loyalty. On the other hand, wolves are sometimes associated with evil in different cultures.

Take a moment and check some of the designs we’ve covered in this article.

  • Wolf Howling at The Moon

It’s well-known that wolves howl at a full moon in folktales because it gives them strength. In werewolf tales, the moon is the trigger for the well-known transformation the antagonist goes through to turn into an evil entity.

However, realistic tattoos of wolves that howl at the moon just like in fairy tales, may be misplaced. Sadly, canine experts haven’t found any connections between these animals and their habits of howling at the moon specifically, so it stays purely anecdotal and coincidental.

Nonetheless, you should get this particular type done if you like nocturnal activities or are perhaps interested in expressing your appreciation toward intelligent animals and celestial bodies.

  • Close-Up of The Eyes

Many people decide to prioritize the eyes of the beast instead of portraying its whole body. The reason is pretty simple – there is a certain depth to it, and the entire piece allows you to interpret its message the way you want.

Eyes are also the windows to the soul, so it’s quite easy to decipher one’s intentions, habits, and even their next move by looking deep into their eyes.

You should get this design if you’re a fan of mysticism, fearlessness, and paranormal occurrences.

Close-Up of The Eyes

  • Two Wolves

In case you’re looking to express your appreciation for unity, love, and devotion, getting a tattoo of two wolves together might be a good idea. Wolves mate for life, so once they find a mating partner, they stay with them for the rest of their life.

This kind of design is usually the go-to design for recently married couples, people who want to show their affection towards their partner, and individuals who mourn over the loved ones that have departed.

  • Wolves Hunting

As one can imagine, these predators hunt during the night, and it’s one of the essential activities for their existence. Therefore, one can assume they are quite vigilant, wary, and careful during their hunting sessions. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to sustain their species, especially if they were to depend on being fed by others.

If you want to express your vigilance, precision, and sharpness through your piece, a picture of a hunting wolf is an excellent choice!

  • A Pack of Wolves

It’s well-known that wolves live in packs in which they have one alpha male, whose orders are followed by the rest of the pack. Therefore, this particular design might be a good choice for people who have leading business roles such as managers, CEOs, and other organizational staff.

On the other hand, if you’re a father and a loving husband, this kind of tattoo can represent your devotion and protective intentions. The possibilities are truly endless, and this design has a lot of potential of showing others how you feel, as long as it’s well-executed.


If you’d like to know more about the meanings and symbolism behind various tattoo designs, check out our other articles! And if you want to get inked, schedule your tattoo session in Fort Lauderdale!

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