Geometric Tattoos

Like dot work tattoos in the amount of required technical skill, geometric tattoos, and pattern-work tattoos are best reserved for the most skilled of artists. The intricate designs that often employ patterns found in nature, symmetrical configurations and geometric shapes are all aspects that can be found within one of these tattoos. Most choose this style of tattoo for its deeper meaning rather than beauty (don’t be mistaken, these tattoos are stunningly beautiful).

Perhaps the hardest aspect of this tattoo style is getting the symmetry and repetitious patterns to look perfect on the client. Understanding how the body moves (especially for large pieces), how the pattern will layout and getting everything to match up is a true combination of skill and artistic talent. Sacred geometric tattoos are a specific style that embraces specific meanings of the tattoos that are chosen. Common patterns that can be seen are the golden spiral from the nautilus shell, the flower of life, Gordian Knot and mandalas.

Because our eyes are exposed to geometric patterns in both the civilized and natural world, it is extremely easy for mistakes to be spotted, even to the untrained eye. The level of technical skill, experience, and confidence that is required by a geometric tattoo artist to create these symmetrical masterpieces is hard to find. Amaury of Bad Habits Tattoos shop in Fort Lauderdale creates phenomenal geometric tattoo designs for his clients.