Juliano Torres

Tattoo Artist

Juliano Torres began his artistic journey at 4-years-old, drawing wherever he could. Honing his craft under his carpenter of a father; sketching his designs for practice developed his ability for still hands, straight lines and geometric design. In school, while using “Sharpies” to give his classmates semi-permanent body art, a friend probably didn’t know what he started when asking Torres if he would consider tattooing. This inquiry led to Torres acquiring his first tattoo machine at the age of 16; and from there, a love affair was born.
As he progressed in the tattoo industry and developed his skills, Torres began receiving recognition for his Polynesian work, winning awards in Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil. Torres prefers to work free-hand, drawing directly on the client’s skin. This is a technique that experience has proved to work best for his style, making for tattoos that flow with the contour of the body and aren’t limited to the rigidness of a drawn paper design. After discovering his specialty and nurturing his skill set, Torres decided to look for a better opportunity to grow as an artist, setting his sights on the United States for that next leap in his career. This search led him to South Florida’s Bad Habits Tattooing Studio where the combination of the Bad Habits team, the city’s supportive Brazilian community and beautiful weather welcomed him with open arms.

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