Polynesian Tattoos

Regarded as one of the most ancient forms of tribal tattooing, traditional Polynesian tattoos are a real test of an artist’s line-work and a steady hand. Full of geometric shapes and patterns, Polynesian tribal tattoos are often done in sleeves (half or full) and often will incorporate the chest and back as well. Due to the nature of their designs, these tattoos are highly desirable for those wishing for large pieces of artwork.

The origin of the Polynesian tattoos stems from the fact that there was no writing system in the culture. So, the Polynesians used tattooing to tell everyone’s story. Nearly everyone in the society was tattooed and the kind of things that could be told through their tattoos was:

Social status
Sexual maturity
Rank in the community
And more

This social norm developed in a highly-refined art in Tonga and Samoa. Warriors and priests were the ones typically to be tattooed to a great extent.

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