Portrait Tattoos

There is no better way to memorialize that special someone in your life than having a permanent rendition inked on your body. Photo realistic tattooing takes a special artist with a tremendous level of talent and experience to convey a person’s likeness onto a living canvas. Whether you are choosing to honor and remember a loved one, a family member or anyone else, choosing the right artist is especially important. The artwork speaks for itself and Amaury, of Bad Habits Tattoos, has a proven portfolio of incredible pieces.

Amaury has honed his talents over years of experience and has developed into one of the best portrait tattoo artists in South Florida. Bad Habits Tattoos shop in Fort Lauderdale should be your first stop when choosing the perfect artist to create your lasting portrait of your family member, pet, or even celebrity.

It takes a high level of skill and confidence to create a lifelong memory. Being able to capture not only the correct appearance but also the attitude and other traits that you wish to express through your portrait tattoo should be a task that is not taken lightly. Amaury understands just how important each portrait tattoo is and strives to understand the story behind the portrait because that helps convey through his artwork exactly what you are looking for. Stop by and schedule your consultation with Amaury to discuss your portrait tattoo ideas.