Realism & Color Realism

Tattoos come in many styles, but the beauty and detail of the realism tattoos are second to none. Top-notch realism pieces will leave viewers questioning if it’s real and how a tattoo could look that good. Resembling fine art, this style can take everyday objects, people, and places and capture them perfectly. Looking to imprint a specific memory forever? Color realism captures every angle, every color and is like having a photo on your skin. Amaury Ramirez, to craft a shockingly lifelike work of art. Also popular are skulls and color portraits. They have been gaining popularity due to their aesthetic appeal. Dark, bold and simple designs are not for everyone and the grace and beauty that color realism offers appeals to a larger group.

Contact Amaury Ramirez to discuss your ideas, and he will help you create a lasting piece of art. Not every artist possesses the skills necessary to properly complete a piece of this style but Amaury has been tattooing in this style for years.