Watercolor Tattoos

If you want a tattoo but typical tattoo styles do not appeal to you, then maybe watercolor tattoos are for you. They look exactly like what you would think: smooth gradients and no strong black borders. Never heard of that style? Well, some artists strongly oppose it because they believe it will fade quicker and lose luster. There has been growing popularity among both customers and artists using the watercolor tattoo style.

By nature, the watercolor uses little to no black ink and employs traditional tattoo instruments to produce striking results. Gradual coloring fills the entire piece to show subtle gradients that resemble a classic watercolor painting. Different from traditional tattoos, almost all watercolor tattoos do not contain outlines. With that being said, some artists have taken it upon themselves to merge styles and create a blending of watercolor and outlines. Hesitant about what you’ve heard regarding how quickly they fade? It is true that light colors fade quicker, but a great artist will use black bases, sharper contrast, and bold colors to prolong the life of your tattoo. Choose the right artist, follow the normal steps for tattoo care and your new piece will look great for years to come.

The difficulty involved in colorwork tattoos requires great skill, and artists like Amaury Ramirez have the expertise to properly blur, bleed, fade, shade and run your tattoo colors to watercolor perfection. Stop in at Bad Habits Tattoos in Ft. Lauderdale to discuss your next watercolor tattoo.